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Bioflow Sizes

Bioflow for People (measure wrist size)

  • Pirouette 180 mm (7.2") 195 mm (7.8") (with extra link).
  • Pirouette short 160mm (6.4") (also includes extra link)
  • Monet and Duet Small 130mm (5.2") up to 155mm (6.2")
  • Duo, Monet and Duet Medium 150mm (6") up to 190mm (7.6")
  • Duo, Monet and Duet Large 180mm (7.2") up to 215mm (8.6")
  • Elite Small 120mm (4.8") up to 200mm (8")
  • Elite Large 140mm (5.6") up to 220mm (8.8")
  • Executive Short Strap from 145 mm (5.8") up to 175mm (7")
  • Executive Long Strap fromfrom 175 mm (7") up to 210mm (8.4")
  • Explorer-2 comes in narrow (ladies) and wider (gents). The S and L lengths are the same for both.
  • Explorer-2 S 140mm (5.6") to 175mm (7")
  • Explorer-2 L 160mm (6.4") to 195mm (7.8")
  • Explorer-2 XL 180mm (7.2") to 215mm (8.6")
  • Explorer-2 XXL 210mm (8.4") to 245mm (9.8")
  • Classic 110mm (4.4") up to 210mm (8.4")

Bioflow for animals (measure neck sizes)

  • Dog Collar Large for necks from 35cm (14") up to 65cm (26")
  • Dog Collar Small for necks up to 45cm (18")
  • Horse bootsfor horses over 14 hands


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