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The BrodPod is a unique magnetic chip designed to reduce pain and fatigue (including muscle fatigue), assist healing and relieve headaches whilst also helping to combat the chaotic man-made electromagnetic fields that invade our environment and our bodies, the full complications of which are still unknown. The BrodPod is worn as a wrist bracelet for people and as a collar attachment for dogs.

The new BrodPod magnet chip uses a revolutionary ‘super magnet’ material to produce a series of parallel alternating poles that mimics the earth’s natural magnetic frequency. This new design, combined with the performance of the super magnets, ensures that when worn as a bracelet all of the blood passing through the wrist is subjected to the pulsing effect, not just a part of it which was the issue with the Bioflow design.

BrodPod has been designed by Nigel Broderick, the inventor of Bioflow.



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