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Bioflow Science - Why do people doubt Magnetic Therapy?

Many people, even doctors, claim that magnetic therapy does not and can not work, because no basic impartial research has been done into magnetic therapy. Magnetic Therapy is not therefore viewed as a proven treatment.  Explanations are so often a mixture of the magical, folk remedies and pseudo-scientific nonesense! Personally I don't offer an explanation, but can personally vouch for Bioflow having helped the arthritis in my neck. I sell Bioflow on a 90-day trial warranty, so customers know they can get their money back (subject to 15% handling fee). My return rate hovers around 1.5% so that must mean something.

Who and what can be trusted?  And what about scientific research?  Doesn’t it show that magnet therapy does not work? However, some recent research has shown that magnet therapy, specifically Bioflow magnet therapy, can deliver pain relief. (See below). Trials on other products continue to demonstrate no useful results.  So how can we know what to believe?  and are the trials with positive results genuine?

Are the results real?

People in pain and desperate for relief will try anything!  and often, they say that, having spent their money, they do get relief.  So, does Bioflow magnetic therapy have a real effect, or is it just a ‘placebo effect’, or even something else they did at the same time, such as a new prescription?  Perhaps it was the magnet that helped?  Well, just as with drugs, you can never be sure!  Even if medical trials of new drugs have cost many millions and have been ‘proven’ effective, they may not work for you. And the side effects, unlike with magnetic therapy, may be severe and unexpected. Remember also, the drug companies with their millions invested in trials, put huge pressure on medical professionals to prescribe their drugs and to discredit alternate therapies such as magnets - just remember Vioxx!

I had a customer who purchased a Bioflow from me at the same time her doctor prescribed an alternative medication to Vioxx. Shortly before the 90 days were up she asked for a refund on the Bioflow as she felt the new (free) prescribed medication had helped her so much. A week later she rang, desperate for her Bioflow to be returned!

If you wear a Bioflow magnetic appliance and it seems to work, then you leave it off and the problem returns, then it could be genuine. If you do this several times with the same result, that’s a scientific study, with repeatable results.  And if you think you’re wearing it but by chance you’re not and the pains come back, you’re close to certain! you have conducted your own blind trial.  For most thinking people, that’s a good enough personal trial to trust.  

A blind trial by a research group is where neither the staff conducting the study nor the participants know whether each person has an appliance or a dummy, This is to eliminate random chance, or wishful thinking, or cheating. The only magnetic wristband to have shown positive results in a medical trial like this is the Central Reverse Polarity system made by Bioflow Ltd.

BMJ In a study published in the British Medical Journal (17th Dec 2004) arthritis sufferers wearing Bioflow Classic magnatherapy bracelets reported significantly less pain and discomfort than control groups with cheaper or dummy magnets.
Dr Lawson GP Dr Richard Lawson found Bioflow magnatherapy effective for chronic pain. Most of his patients with chronic musculo-skeletal problems reported Bioflow magnets helped relieve their pain

What is CRP

It all began in a small factory in Cornwall in the early 1990s.  Nigel Broderick's company, Ecoflow, had begun making magnetic ionising fuel savers - one model for cars and trucks, called Motoflow and a similar product for boilers and furnaces, called the Thermoflow. He patented the design which he called Central Reverse Polarity.  An older merchanic fitting them reported that his pains had reduced. Similar stories came from distributors carrying Thermoflows or Motoflows in their pockets. Nigel who had designed the original product, investigated further and realised that his CRP replicated the electromagnetic pain relief used in hospitals.  Nigel adapted his CRP system for personal therapeutic use using lighter stronger neodymium magnets.  The beauty of Nigel's CRP design is that it created the effect of magnetic pole reversal on the bloodstream but with a static magnet. No other wristband can do this.

 At this time, there had been no trials on using magnets for pain relief, apart from the use of magnetic therapy machines to accelerate healing of fractures in some hospital physiotherapy departments.  

blood flow theory

Nigel found that his CRP system was mimicking the hospital electromagnetic machines, so he developed a wrist-sized Bioflow CRP using lightweight neodymium magnets, instead of heavier strontium ceramic in the Thermoflow.

The hospital equipment has 20 to 30 times the strength of typical wrist magnets, and rapidly changing magnetic flux: the north and south poles swap over many times a second.

Bioflow’s CRP also has these two critical features which make all the difference.  As the blood flows quickly past the CRP unit on the wrist, it crosses the outer ring 400 gauss north pole, the main 2000 gauss south pole and the outer north pole again. This effect is continuous, so that over a relatively short period, all the blood in the body will have passed through the wrist and the effect of the CRP unit.

CRP field image


Because the Bioflow CRP magnet is so powerful, the effective field can penetrate your wrist to the larger blood vessels, not just the small ones on the surface.  Magnetic fields attenuate very rapidly with distance, but the typical Bioflow CRP unit also has a relay magnet hidden in the buckle. This pulls the main magnetic field deeper into the wrist, increasing the effect. The reason for the poor performance of ordinary magnets is the poor penetration of their magnetic field, with an effective reach very little below surface blood vessels.  The high-powered reversing flux effect used by Bioflow has been shown, by many customer trials to significantly reduce pain.

Bioflow Enhancements

The basic Bioflow CRP system is enhanced in three ways: by positioning the field over the pulse points, by using a Relay Magnet to draw the field further into the body, and by using multiple CRP systems.  

Duet bangle

Bioflow bangles

The Bioflow bangles, Duo, Duet and Monet, spread the flux-changing magnetic field across more of the blood vessels in your wrist.  They have two smaller CRP modules, built into the ball ends of the bangle. The bangle appear in practice to be as effective as the Relay System. However it is important that they are worn with the CRP modules over the wrist arteries, or pulse points on the inside of the wrist to be effective.

crp in wrist

The CRP Relay System

Even though the standard Bioflow CRP system in the basic wristbands gets good results, it has to be worn in an area of plentiful blood flow near to the skin, within a centimetre.  Measuring with a gauss meter, the 2000 gauss on the surface of the south pole at the centre of the CRP module attenuates to around 200 gauss a 1cm distance, The small relay magnet beside the buckle on the outer side of the wrist increases this to around 400 gauss at 1cm, which in most people will encompass the vein in the centre of the inside of the wrist.

Pirouette on hand A simple way to improve the effect is to wear more CRP units, and people tried using multiple wristbands quite early on, usually with success.  The Pirouette fashion bangles has two CRP units and has been shown to provide noticeably better pain relief than all other Bioflows.  The two CRP units create an arc of magnetism which penetrates deep into the wrist.

Using Bioflow for Spot Treatment

Using Bioflow for pain relief through the blood is often all the help you need.  But when the pain gets worse, more power may be needed, and it’s probably most effective to consider spot treatment.  Any CRP unit can be used for this, but several together get better results in most cases.

Boost  There is also a specialist spot treatment system:

the Boost, which has three small pads, each with a pair of CRP modules, which are attached to belts to wrap over specific areas,

Individual CRP units of any kind - for example, most Bioflow bracelets - can also be used for spot treatment in the same way.


The Bioflow CRP modules should be placed directly over the source of the pain. This stimulates the cells in that area to eject pain-causing chemicals and to promote healing of damage more quickly than the whole-body treatment of a wristband alone can manage.  It works in the same way that recovering hospital patients may be given electromagnotherapy, which has been shown to improve the speed of wound healing by typically 25%-30%.


Read a fascinating discussion of Biomagnetic Therapy by Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC., O.M.D.
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