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Bioflow Customer feedback

There is no better recommendation of a product than satisfied customers. Here is a small selection of messages from the many satisfied customers weI have dealt with over the years.


hi peter Just to let you know I bought a bioflow magnet whristband almost 2 months ago. I must admit after I stopped taking painkillers it did not seem to work for about 3 weeks but I thought i would give it longer. Now I could not be more pleased! No pain at all so thanks to you and bioflow i will reccommend to family and friends merry xmas. LB A few days ago I was in a hurry and left my Pirouette on top of the vanity cabinet while rushing to work. Well, by the end of the day (worked long hours), the migraine finally broke through. I did not have this problem during previous hot spells when I had the bracelet on. 
And since the time I started wearing it (November last year) I have not taken a single sleeping pill. This does make a difference. EE
The surprise has been my lower back pain which I've had since 1978 and for which I had to do exercises as soon as I got out of bed. Just a week after starting to wear my Bioflow, I have no pain at all in my back. EW I am absolutely astounded that I have no more pain in my knee and hip. JR
My husband was very sceptical that a magnetic bracelet could help with his knee problem but within 3 days he had to admit that the pain had almost gone. He also had trouble with his neck and this eased within 4 weeks, JB

I have used the Bioflow bracelet for 6 months and noticed a remarkable improvement in my neck. Without regular visits to the Osteopath I had severe lack of mobility in my neck which made driving difficult and suffered form bad headaches. Since wearing the bracelet I have not returned to the osteopath, the rotation in my neck is back to normal and the headaches have ceased completely. AH

RF rang me first thing yesterday to thank me for the reflex which had reached him in the Monday morning post. I had mentioned the bioflow bracelets to him late on Friday afternoon - as he has recently torn his ankle and has a bad shoulder from too much golf! He (and I!) were amazed that my wish was turned into an efficient Glendiscovery delivery in the blink of an eye. Thank you! DB, London


It is still helping with the discomfort and swelling of the wrist and I am not now taking medication for the discomfort.I'm very grateful for this as I was very uncomfortable most of the time. It is the best investment I ever made. SE

I'm delighted to tell you that I received complete cessation of pain in my left knee and hip after about 3 weeks. It's quite marvellous. I've been telling so many people about it. JER


Regarding the Bioflow bracelets. Annie is absolutely delighted with the benefits she has obtained. As for myself, I did not wear the bracelet for a week or so and my aches and pains returned. MM


My pains have reduced considerably and I am no longer having to take regular medication. EB


Not only has the pain and swelling in my fingers reduced. I found quite unexpectedly that my gout pains have also gone. JB


The consultant told me that osteoporosis in my spine and pelvis meant I would soon be confined to a wheelchair. Since wearing Bioflow my back pains have reduced and I can walk more easily. MR

I am delighted to tell you I am having wonderful results since starting to wear the Bioflow Reflex. I experienced some discomfort for the first week and wore the wristband for only a few hours a day. Now I wear it all the time with good results in my knees and neck. MN
My knee pain reduced after a couple of days but the spondylitis in my neck took almost a month before I noticed an improvement in mobility and reduction in pain. I'm delighted to say that the pain relief has been maintained since I started wearing the magnetic bracelet. I have not taken any arthritis medication since wearing the bracelet. PL


I recently purchased a bioflow for my 5 year old son who suffers from ADHD. In the past three weeks there has been an improvement in his sleep patterns, concentration levels and he is calmer. My son's teacher said she too has seen an improvement. CS


 Bioflow helped ease my fingers and back, but I found that the migraines that hit me several times a week have diminished greatly in frequency and intensity. AA It is nearly one year since we got the bioflow collar for Scruffy and I have to say she is getting on fine. She is definitely not as stiff as she was a year ago.She is doing well and we walk twice a day and I have noticed a real difference in her. The vet that recommended your product has noticed a difference in her too. Thank you very much. GM
 At last my pain is receding. Thank you so much. GR  
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