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Articles on Magnet therapy


Treating Pain With Magnets by Clara Myers
Magnetic Therapy Can Treat Repetitive Strain Injury - Tendonitis And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Debbie Shimadry
Magnetic Therapy Treatments for Osteoporosis Sufferers by Debbie Shimadry
Magnetic Therapy Strength
The UK National Health Service, prescribes Magnetic Therapy by Debbie Shimadry
Do Magnetic Bracelets Ease Arthritis Pain?: Five Things You Must Know Before Trying Magnetic Therapy by Tom Frost
Clinical Studies that Support Magnetic therapy by: Jane E. Allen, December 27, 1999
Doctors and Psychiatrists Turning to Magnets This story was webposted 25.2.2002

Magnet Therapy for Knee Pain - Daily News 11/27/02 - Healthnotes Newswire

Summary of the Beneficial Influence of Magnets by Dr. H.L. Bansal
Opposites attract - Doctors who spurned magnet therapy are paying heed. by Bob Condor Chicago Tribune, March 12, 1998
Causes of Joint Pain in dogs
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